What is AIS Blue Startup Hub

The AIS Blue Hub is a virtual ecosystem for businesses in marine related industries that are looking to form meaningful connections and find new inspiration to grow their companies. This unique program is the first of its kind in the world. The long-term vision of the program is to connect Archipelagic and Islands States (AIS) Forum participating countries’ business communities across six distinct regions of the ocean.
Our mission is to grow stronger archipelagic and island state enterprises by creating a novel business ecosystem as well as by accessing global opportunities that allow startups to tap into new markets and talent pools within the international community.

Our Objective

The AIS Blue Hub is a platform that seeks to form connections between the business communities of archipelagic and islands state countries to create a global network of knowledge sharing by supporting collaboration in marine-based industries. Additionally, The AIS Blue Hub looks to magnify the impact of startups by taking solutions produced by islanders for islands to a global scale through the (business community network) AIS Blue Hub network.
By continually adding new startups and expert partners to the network, the AIS Blue Hub is expanding and strengthening the startup ecosystem in archipelagic and islands state countries for long-term sustainable development.
  • Connect and support collaboration between marine related industry in Archipelagic and Island State countries
  • Grow the size and strength of the Archipelagic and Island states startup ecosystem
  • Promote and nourish the startup scene in AIS participating countries

What we do

At a glance
The AIS Blue Startup Hub is creating a global network that connects the business communities of 47 archipelagic and island state participating countries over six distinct ocean regions around the world. Moreover, this network allows startups to access new markets and unique opportunities to gain knowledge and form partnerships through our end-to-end innovation program facilitated with our expert partners.
The network is augmented by expert workshops and other industry events held by the AIS Blue Startup Hub that grants exposure to startups alongside the learning opportunities provided by leading minds in the marine-based development sector. As well, our platform allows other stakeholders in the business community, such as incubators, accelerators, investors, and government, to gain new investment opportunities to support the sustainable growth of the blue economy through meaningful engagement with participating startups.

Capture Global Opportunities

Find all the information you need on key markets around the world. From detailed guides to trusted contacts, we will keep you informed about the latest business developments in archipelagic and island states.
Looking to take that first step abroad? We have the tools and support available to help expand your business across six distinct ocean regions—encompassing 51 archipelagic and island states.