Frequently Asked Questions

What is AIS Blue Startup Hub?
A virtual ecosystem for businesses in marine related industries that are looking to form meaningful connections and find new inspiration to grow their companies. This unique program is the first of its kind in the world. The long-term vision of the program is to connect Archipelagic and Islands States (AIS) Forum participating countries’ business communities across six distinct regions of the ocean. Click here, to find out more about AIS Blue Startup Hub
What is AIS Forum?
AIS Forum stands for Archipelagic and Islands States Forum. AIS Forum was initiated because many archipelagic and islands states nations are facing existential threats that include climate change, natural disasters, marine pollution, marine plastic debris, unsustainable fisheries, and ocean sustainability, all of which seriously risk the survivability of these nations. Through AIS Forum, Archipelagic and Islands States around the world will discuss and address challenges of ocean resource usage for sustainable economic growth, climate change resiliency, ocean pollution, emergency management, and the enhancement of sustainable fisheries.
What is the purpose of AIS Blue Startup Hub?
The AIS Blue Startup Hub vision to strengthening archipelagic and island state enterprises by creating a novel business ecosystem and expanding startups to new markets, global opportunities, and talent pools within the international community.
What are the programs of AIS Blue Startup Hub?
In order to achieve our vision, we created several programs to help startups to expand. We have variety of program starting from networking to capacity building such as online learning, mentoring, webinar, exclusive workshop, etc.
Can I register to AIS Blue Startup Hub?
If you are a startup, no matter what stages are you, you definitely could register by simply click the sign-up button. Acknowledging that we are still upgrading our website, however, if you are incubator or accelerator, investor, mentor, or government, you may sign-up after DD-MM-YYYY.
Can I access contact of AIS Blue Startup Hub network?
Yes, that’s your benefit to become part of the network. You will get a contact for each institution in our network. However, if you’re not registered yet, you only have a limited information about them.
How can I receive new opportunities in AIS Blue Startup Hub?
New opportunities are the benefit that you’ll get from the network. You will get new opportunities from e-mail. If you’re individual not-related-to any institutions, you may register yourself to our newsletter. We also circulate information through our newsletter.
Where are the network of AIS Blue Startup Hub?
As AIS Blue Startup Hub is part of the AIS Forum, we expand our network to 47 archipelagic and island states. Yet, we’re still enlarging our network to more countries.
Do I get funded by the AIS Blue Startup Hub?
Until now, AIS Blue Startup Hub does not have seed-funding program yet. Nevertheless, since we are a hub, we can connect you with investor to help your startup grows.
If I enroll in your online learning, do I need to pay and will get a certificate of completion?
Enrolling for free is also one of your benefit to become part of the network. If you finished the learning, you will get an e-certificate of completion.
With whom AIS Blue Startup Hub is associate with?
AIS Blue Startup Hub is a collaborative initiation from AIS forum with the government of Indonesia and we develop the network together with Angel Investment Network Indonesia or ANGIN. Even so, our network area is not limited to Indonesia only, but also the other 47 archipelagic and island nations.
Can I withdraw out my account from the AIS Blue Startup Hub?
Yes, you can. We give full authority to our user whether or not, they want to keep or withdraw their account. If you want to withdraw, all the data that you collected will be deleted immediately. And if you change your mind, you have to start over again.
Does AIS Blue Startup Hub has the authority to change or withdraw an account?
Yes, it stated clearly in the terms and condition when you decided to sign up. However, we’re not going to change or withdraw an account without a strong justification.