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All-access to any area on our website at AIS Blue Hub is governed by the terms and conditions below. Please note that browsing our website constitutes acceptance of these terms.
In these terms and conditions, the words “we”, “our”, and “us” refer to AIS Blue Hub and/or its parent entity, Archipelagic and Islands States (AIS) Forum, unless otherwise specified.
We provide our website as a general information source only. Do note that we are not involved in giving professional advice here. We do not warrant the accuracy of the information provided by our partners through our website. The website does not cover all information available on a particular issue. We would advise that you conduct your own checks or obtain professional advice relevant to your particular circumstances, outside of our website.
Do take note that you are not permitted to copy, reproduce, edit, adapt, alter, republish, post, broadcast, transmit, make available to the public, or the otherwise use the audio or video on our website in any way except for your own personal, non-commercial use. You may not download, or use our files for the purpose of promoting, advertising, endorsing or implying a connection with you (or any third party) and Archipelagic and Islands States (AIS) Forum or AIS Blue Startup Hub, its agents or employees.
Where appropriate, we use available technologies to protect the security of communications made through our website. Please note that we do not accept liability for the security, authenticity, integrity, or confidentiality of any communications made through our website. Internet communications may be susceptible to interference or interception by third parties, and no warranty is given to guarantee that our website is entirely free of infection by computer viruses or other unauthorized software.
This site may contain links to sites that are unrelated to AIS Blue Hub, its parent entities, and/or each of their respective affiliates whose data protection and privacy practices may differ from ours. We are not responsible for the content and privacy practices of these other websites and encourage you to consult the privacy notices of those sites. We also reverse the right to object or disable any link or frame to or from our website.
If you are only browsing this website, we do not capture data that allows us to identify you individually.
If you choose to make an application or send us an email for which you provide us with personal data, we may share necessary data with AIS Blue Hub, its parent entities, and/or each of their respective affiliates, other Government agencies, so as to populate necessary information for schemes where applicable, unless such sharing is prohibited by legislation.
We will not share your personal data with entities that are unrelated to AIS Blue Startup Hub, its parent entities, and/or each of their respective affiliates.
Any data collected when you browse AIS Blue Hub Network may be used to perform data analytics that may help us better tailor information you may see on your personal dashboard to your interests.
By registering and submitting your company’s information or personal data on AIS Blue Startup Hub Network, you agree to allow AIS Blue Startup Hub to use and share publicly displayed data, if necessary.
For the purpose of maintaining and enhancing AIS Blue Startup Hub Network, the data that you have provided may be shared with other Government agencies or non-Government entities that serve as partners as authorized by AIS Blue Hub. This is to provide AIS Blue Hub Network to you in the most efficient and effective way unless such data sharing is prohibited by law.
For research purposes, your publicly displayed data may also be shared as part of non-identifiable datasets on the startup ecosystem with other Government agencies or non-Government entities.
Should you wish to withdraw your previously given consent to allow AIS Blue Hub to share your publicly displayed data, you may inform us of your withdrawal of consent in writing. Please note that doing so could affect the delivery of AIS Blue Startup Hub Network to you. For queries about AIS Blue Startup Hub’s personal data sharing policy or to inform us of your withdrawal of consent, please contact us at secretariat@aisforum.org.
Data Statement
For your convenience, AIS Blue Hub may display to you, data that you have previously supplied to AIS Forum or other Government agencies, or that have previously been gathered from third-party sources as stated on individual entity profiles. This is to facilitate information flow in an efficient manner. Should the data be inaccurate or out-of-date, we would like to request you to update us with the latest data.
The data provided will be retained by AIS Blue Hub only as necessary for the effective delivery of our website to you.
We would like to seek your cooperation to submit updated, complete, and accurate information on your company and related supporting documents, if any. This is to facilitate to identify or search for companies like yours for networking purposes. Please note that should any inaccurate data submissions be made, there may be a delay in the processing or publishing of the information on our website.
Objectionable Content
AIS Blue Hub is allowed to delete or terminate any content that includes content that is offensive, insensitive, upsetting, intended to disgust, or in exceptionally poor taste. Example of such content include:
  • Defamatory or mean-spirited content, including references or commentary about religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, or other targeted individual or group in harm's way. Professional political satirists and humorists are generally exempt from this requirement.
  • Realistic portrayals of people or animals being killed, maimed, tortured, or abused, or content that encourages violence. "Enemies" within the context of a game cannot solely target a specific race, culture, real government, corporation, or any other real entity.
  • Depictions that encourage illegal or reckless use of weapons and dangerous objects, or facilitate the purchase of firearms.
  • Overtly sexual or pornographic material, defined by Webster's Dictionary as "explicit descriptions or displays of sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings".
  • Inflammatory religious commentary or inaccurate or misleading quotations of religious texts.
  • False information and features.
Eligibility and registration
As part of the registration process (if one is required), you will be asked to select a username and password and you will be responsible for all activities occurring under your username and for keeping your password secure. We may refuse to grant you a username that impersonates someone else, is or may be protected by trademark or proprietary rights law, or is vulgar, offensive or otherwise inappropriate, as determined by us in our sole discretion. You are solely responsible for any and all uses of your username, password, and account.
While every care is taken by AIS Blue Hub in presenting our website, no warranty is given to guarantee that access to our website will be provided uninterrupted or free from error, or that any identified defect will be corrected or that the information, that is provided by you or obtained from other public sources such as press releases, press statements, articles and/or data portals are accurately presented, used or transmitted through our website. The Government disclaims all liability for any damage or loss, whether incidental or consequential, that may result from such interruptions, errors or defect, including but not limited to:
Any loss of, or any inability to retrieve, any data or information however caused as a result of any interruption, suspension or termination of service;
Any inaccuracy in the information presented, used, or transmitted through our website.
Standard Terms and Conditions for AIS Blue Hub
In addition to these User-Generated Websites Terms and Conditions, you agree to be bound by AIS Blue Hub’s standard Terms and Conditions for its websites, as the same may be modified and updated from time to time, with respect to your use of User-Generated Websites.